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Saturday Eve Musicians

Doors open 6:30; concert at 7 

Saturday Headliners: Astrocolor

Astrocolor will be a very, very fun night!! #Astrocolor “Astrocolor hone the niche art of melding '60s lounge music, Balearic beat and electronica in an alchemy that shouldn't theoretically gel – yet they pull it off with prowess and panache. Genre fluidity defines their sonic ethos.” –Exclaim "Keening synths, jazz soundscapes and more reverb than is strictly decent. Beard-strokingly cool.” –UNCUT (UK) “Ethereal joy...Straddling relaxed jazz, funky electronics, vaguely psychedelic rock and spatial dub.” –Clash (UK) “Astrocolor are totally versed in the finer points of funky and jazzy house, the live ambient and Vienna school of electrobeats…straight out of Bristol in the 1990s with Hacienda Club love spilling off every pulse. The kind of moody sounds that contemporary jazz festivals love to book.” Vancouver Sun "Spacey, dubby, jazzy background/foreground music." –The Sunday Times (UK) “Like the dusty record that crackles on an old turntable, Paradise feels both classic and glamorous. Between the blinking, Rat Pack piano melody and harmonic backing vocals, Astrocolor have crafted an idyllic illusion of poolside refuge." –CBC Music. Listen to them on YouTube:
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