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Image by Aarón Blanco Tejedor

SGI Community Resource Centre presents:

Now in its fourth year, The Crisp is a Southern Gulf Islands Community Resource Centre initiative. It is a festival with enjoyable happenings aimed at fostering community well-being through music, poetry, and transformational storytelling supplementing scheduled art activities, apple related activities and instructional workshops to complement the SGICRC’s mandate of food and farming security and promotion of environmental sustainability. For more information about the CRC, click on the logo.

This festival is inspired by the Southern Gulf Islands Community Resource Centre Society’s 2020 apple event “Let No Apple Be Wasted.” The initial festival was held at Port Browning, For the past three years, the Crisp has been held at the Pender Island Community Hall. Food is available from market vendors during the late morning/early afternoon on Saturday. Evening events will be held inside the hall.

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